How To

What is a Course Thread?

A Course Thread is a series of three courses from multiple departments and disciplines that are related to one another by intellectual theme. The organization of a Course Thread is far more flexible than a major or a minor.

Who can complete a Course Thread?

Any UC Berkeley undergraduate.

How do I find courses in my chosen Course Thread?

Each semester, choose the Class Schedule tab on the Berkeley Academic Guide and use the Course Threads filter located at the bottom left-hand side to find courses relevant to the thread in which you are participating.

Can I count 1- and 2-unit courses toward the completion of a Course Thread?

Yes! That’s the best part. Because this is not a major or minor, all courses are weighted equally regardless of unit value.

What if I want to count a course that hasn’t been approved for my Course Thread?

Send the contact person listed on the page of your Course Thread a 200-word justification that highlights what parts of the course syllabus are most relevant to your completion of the Thread. Include the syllabus and your unofficial transcript as attachments. You must gain approval from the Thread’s contact person in order for the unapproved course to count towards the certificate.

What are the requirements for the Townsend Center certificate?

Successfully complete 3 courses in one thread (from at least two different departments).

Contact the person listed on the home page of your Course Thread to confirm that you have completed eligible courses in the thread. Be sure to send them a copy of your unofficial transcript.

Sign upto present in a Course Threads symposium. You will be contacted by the Townsend Center for the Humanities with further details about the symposium date. Symposium sign up for the current semester closes the last Monday of formal classes, a week before RRR week.

Finally, participate in an RRR week Course Threads symposium in the Townsend Center's Geballe Room (220 Stephens Hall) and give a 5-to-10 minute presentation about your experience with your Course Thread's theme.

Students may receive only one certificate per semester.

Still have questions?

Contact the person listed on the page of your Course Thread. For information about the symposium only, contact