Step 1

Please confirm with the Course Thread advisor for your specific thread that you have completed the required courses.

For those threads listed below, contact Patrick Civello, Student Academic Advisor, Interdisciplinary Studies Field (ISF):

Culture & Globalization

Historical & Modern City

Human Rights

Humanities & Environment

Technologies of Writing

Visual Cultures

For the other threads, contact the following advisors:

Carceral GeographiesJonathan Marshall, Professor and Director, Legal Studies Program.

Law & HumanitiesMarianne Constable, Professor, Department of Rhetoric.

Sciences & SocietyMorgan G. Ames, Director of Research, Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society.

Step 2

Complete this form. When you submit this form, you will be contacted by the Townsend Center with further details. Note the Symposium sign-up for the current semester closes the last Monday of formal classes, a week before RRR week.