Law & Humanities Course Thread Bibliography

Title Author/Creator Keyword(s) Format
A History of American Law Lawrence Friedman legal history, United States Book
A Letter Concerning Toleration John Locke civil society, government, philosophy, politics, religion Book
A Theory of Justice John, Rawls civil society, democracy, equality, fairness, political theory Book
Acts of Hope: Creating Authority in Literature, Law, and Politics James Boyd, White institutions, law, literature, politics Book
After Secular Law Mateo, Robert A; Taussig-Rubbo, Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers; Yelle globalization, judges and lawyers, law, secularism Book
All the Missing Souls: A Personal History of the War Crimes Tribunals David, Scheffer american history, comparative history, crimes against humanity, human rights, law Book
An Introduction to the Principles and Morals of Legislation Jeremy Bentham legal history, moral philosophy, political theory, utility Book
Anarchy, State, Utopia Nozick, Robert anarchy, civil society, libetarianism, philiosophy, utopia Book
Ancient Law Henry Maine crime and criminal law, jurisprudence, justice, legal history, punishment Book
Antigone Sophocles greece, law and religion, literature, tragedy Book
Beloved Morrison, Toni literature, slavery, United States Book
Better Left Unsaid: Victorian Novels, Hays Code Films, and Benefits of Censorship Nora Gilbert british law, censorship, cinema and media studies, film, law and society, literature Book
Between Facts and Norms Jürgen Habermas civic duty, communication, democracy, legal theory, political theory, public sphere Book
Between Law and Custom: "High" and "Low" Legal Cultures in the Lands of the British Diaspora - The United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, 1600-1900 Peter Karsten custom, identities, legal culture, property Book
Border Law: The First Seminole War and American Nationhood Deborah A., Rosen international law, legal history, politics, race, war Book