Our Legal Foundation: The Invisible Constitution and the Rule of Law

As described by the hosts: "The Constitution of the United States contains our most cherished and widely held beliefs about rights, yet admits to varied readings and meanings far beyond its written words. A panel of some of today's greatest legal minds, both jurists and scholars, convened to discuss how the Constitution serves as a foundational document for the rule of law in the United States. Panelists Frank Easterbrook, Geoffrey Stone, Laurence Tribe, and Diane Wood range in views from left to right, suffusing this rountable with the full breadth of contmeporary judicial thought. They illuminate such topics as the unwritten Constitution, presidential politics, and the life tenure of the Supreme Court Justices, providing a dynamic discussion on the decisions that affect the entire country. This lecture was generously sponsored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences."

Chicago Humanities Festival - speakers: Frank Easterbrook, Geoffrey Stone, Laurence Tribe, and Diane Wood. 

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