Urban Sociology
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Urban Sociology
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Spring 2016
Spring 2015
Spring 2014
Fall 2013
Spring 2013
Fall 2011
Fall 2010

This class is an introduction to urban sociology. Topics include the rise of cities, how cities became pervasive and influential as they are now, and how they influence the way life is currently lived in western societies as well as in the Global South. We will also look at the complexity of the urbanization process in the Global South, particularly in Africa, and its consequences for the ordinary residents of the cities. Students will learn how to analyze social trends in urban and suburban areas.Advanced topics to be covered include exploration of the idea of community as an ideal and value, examination of how actual communities work, and the role of symbols and myths in giving meaning to environment. We will also analyze public policy issues such as homelessness, gangs, urban decay, drug use, poverty, immigration, crime and delinquency, and ethnic and race relations. Students will have a glimpse of the way cities relate to societies that produce them and how cities reflect the changing socioeconomic basis of their respective societies.

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