Transnational Feminism
General Catalog Course Title:
Transnational Feminisms
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Fall 2015
Fall 2014
Fall 2013
Fall 2012
Fall 2011
Fall 2010
Spring 2010
Course Thread: 
Cultural Forms in Transit
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Course Thread: 
Sciences and Society
Bacchetta, Paola
Barnes, Barbara A.

An overview of transnational feminist theories and practices, which address the workings of power that shape our world, and women's practices of resistance within and beyond the U.S. The course engages with genealogies of transnational feminist theories, including analyses of women, gender, sexuality, "race," racism, ethnicity, class, nation; postcoloniality; international relations; post-"development"; globalization; area studies; and cultural studies.

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