Thinking Through Art and Design @ Berkeley
General Catalog Course Title:
Thinking Through Art and Design
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016

 In January of 2016, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) opens a new building, and a new chapter in the story of arts and design at Berkeley, with the exhibition "The Architecture of Life." Tied into the exhibit as well as a range of other performances and events around campus, and taught within the new museum after its January 26 opening, Thinking across the Arts and Design at Berkeley: The Architecture of Life, is a no-experience-assumed immersion in how to connect thinking, watching, listening and making on the Berkeley campus. With a range of outside speakers connected to the BAMPFA building and exhibit, as well as the CalPerformances events attended by the class, the course will involve close readings, close viewings of buildings and objects, and close listening and engagement with music, dance and theater. Students in the course will be equipped not only to understand and engage individual artistic and design disciplines, but also to connect their ideas and intentions to each other, across a range of creative and historical disciplines.

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