Culture, Media, and Politics
General Catalog Course Title:
Studies in Luso-Brazilian Literature
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Spring 2016
Spring 2011

This course will be centered in the study and analysis of new media, TV, radio and press documents from Portuguese speaking countries around the world. The focus will be content and discourse analysis through a comparative approach. Internet references, videotapes, audiotapes and press selections will be used as core resources. We will discuss and read about the following themes: A) General Perspective on the Media in Portuguese speaking countries. B) Democracies and regimes in transition. Their relationship with the Media. C) Culture, vote and violence. D) Ethnic politics and social conflict. E) Environment and cyber-resistance. Cultural impact of energy policies. F) Development and globalization. G) Endangered cultures and forms of resistance. H) Religious expression through the Media. Churches and economic power. I) Life in the cities and Blogosphere. The New Media. The activities in class will be organized in the format of a workshop. The students are expected to choose a topic that they can pursue as an individual project throughout the course and that may include writing, audio or video productions. Resources will be available on Bspace or provided in class. Instruction in Portuguese and English. Readings in Portuguese And English. Assignments in Portuguese or English.

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