Con(sequential) Geneologies of Difference: Anthropology and Genomics
General Catalog Course Title:
Special Topics in Medical Anthropology
Terms Offered:
Spring 2014
Spring 2013
Course Thread: 
Sciences and Society
Battle, James

This class aims to rigorously rethink anthropological scholarship concerning race, gender, kinship, ancestry, genealogy and citizenship within the present genomic moment – and to imagine future notions of and obligations to, care. We will consider the temporal shift from medical diagnosis to disease risk prediction in light of recent advances in genomic research aimed toward reducing health disparities. However, while still using older racial categories, genetics researchers debate the precise genetic location and definition of “race” in the human genome.  We will examine the bioethical implications surrounding the recruitment of and genetic sample procurement from classified populations deemed biologically valuable to researchers; and how this may foster new narratives of human difference and stigmatization based on shared disease susceptibility.

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