Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Medicine
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Spring 2016
Spring 2014
Spring 2013
Spring 2012
Spring 2011
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Sciences and Society
Hayden, Cori

Whether we are contemplating daily matters of chemical exposure or pharmaceutical consumption; the pervasive militarization of daily life; or newsworthy scandals over sex testing in international sports, science and technology are fundamental parts of the political and social worlds we inhabit. This course offers an advanced introduction to science and technology studies, an interdisciplinary field which provides unique approaches to understanding the complex relationship between technoscience and society. Working with key theoretical texts and particular cases, the course aims to help students develop critical vocabularies and analytic skills for engaging the world around us through such matters as scientific controversy; the role of classification in producing relations of difference and inequality; and the implications of the increasing demand and expectation that ‘ lay’ people (patients, consumers, parents, communities) be active participants in the monitoring and making of our technoscientific worlds. How have science studies scholars helped us understand how facts become “ authorized” ? How do we evaluate truth claims, and how do material objects permeate our senses of self and the social world? If it is growing harder and harder to argue that technoscience is or must be separate from society, what frameworks or arguments might we offer instead?

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