Sociology of Law
General Catalog Course Title:
Sociology of Law
Terms Offered:
Spring 2015
Spring 2013

 The sociology of law studies law and legal institutions as social relationships. Everyday life both incorporates and creates legal meanings and practices. Utilizing sociological theories and methods, this course explores the legal field as a set of social networks and cultural meanings, and examines the relationship of the legal field to social life. Specifically, the course examines the ways that ‘legality’ is constituted in the United States by a wide range of political, economic and cultural practices, and the ways that law appears in the very conceptions of American society, community and the individual. Topics to be covered include: sociological theories of law and society, and the social constitution of tort law, contract law, criminal law and institutions. Throughout, attention will be given to class, race and gender issues in the construction of law and its impact on American society. Course requirements include class participation, two midterms, a final exam and a final paper.

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