Social Movements, Urban History, and the Politics of Memory
General Catalog Course Title:
Social Movements, Urban History, and the Politics of Memory
Terms Offered:
Spring 2015
Spring 2014
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Course Thread: 
The Historical & Modern City
Burns, Sean

Course examines the history of progressive social movements in the San Francisco Bay Area. Combining history, sociology, urban geography, and ethnic studies, we ask: why and how these movements emerged? What cultural, racial, ethnic and political identities were drawn from, reconfigured, and created within these movements? What kinds of knowledge and institutions were created by these movements, and how have these legacies shaped (and been shaped by) the geography, culture, and politics of the area. As part of the ACES program, this course also engages students in creating social movement documentation through collaborations with community partners. Small student groups, supervised by an ACES Fellow, will carry out documentation projects. Also listed as International and Area Studies 158AC.

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