Americans in Motion: Migration, Exile, Exodus, Exploration, Flight, Commute, Immigration, Emigration and Vacation - 1607 to present.
General Catalog Course Title:
Seminar in Historical Research and Writing for History Majors
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Spring 2011
Course Thread: 
Humanities & Environment
Moore, MacKenzie
Norena, Carlos

The United States has been, from its inception, a nation of movers. This seminar is aimed at students who are interested in writing their senior theses on the experiences, representations, politics, semiotics, geography, economics, or culture of American mobility. Topics from any time period from contact (or even before) to the present are welcome. The semester will begin with a few core readings meant to demonstrate the combination of argument and evidence necessary for successful historical scholarship. We will work together to focus students' interests to a narrow and realistic research question. It will also provide an introduction to the plethora of primary sources available on campus. The remainder of the course will be a hands-on guided tour of the process of historical research and writing, and as such will have detailed schedule to which each student will be required to adhere. The structure of the seminar is crafted to benefit those seniors who want a structured course, and who are committed to working steadily and consistently throughout the semester.

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