Visualizing the City
General Catalog Course Title:
Seminar and Research in Sociology
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Spring 2013

In this class we begin to analyze the ways in which urban spaces have been visualized. We address this through the way the city is understood by social theorists, urban planners, and politicians, through the use of maps, photography and film, and other forms of representing the city. Grounded in the urban sociological literature, this class addresses the ways in which, how we visualize the city is fundamental to how we understand the city: its social “problems” and the corresponding ‘solutions’, its relationship viz a viz the rural as well as the suburbs, how we picture and incorporate newcomers, the way we visualize the ‘others’ translates into residential patterns (gated communities and ghettos), and how politics around these ideas occurs at the street level. Our visions of the city are not merely reflections of a material reality, but are also productive, that is the spaces we see and the corresponding images we create continue to produce (ideas, solutions, etc) long after they’ve been made.

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