Financialization and Globalization
General Catalog Course Title:
Seminar and Research in Sociology
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Spring 2015
Spring 2014
Spring 2013

It is difficult to escape the impression that we live in a world dominated by finance. Financial news dominates the business press. The management of American corporations, large and small, is driven by Wall Street criteria. As consumers, we are now expected to have sufficient financial literacy to manage our health care, our retirements, and our household expenditures. The recent financial crisis has demonstrated how financial machinations have superseded any other productive activity in the U.S. economy. This course explores how the financial sector of the economy, the financialization of corporations, and the financialization of everyday life in the past 30 years has evolved. We also consider how finance has gone global and how it now dominates life in Western Europe and Asia and is at least part of what we mean what we use the term globalization. This class is run as a seminar and students are expected to read, present, and produce a research paper over the course of the semester.

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