Environmental Justice: Race, Class, Gender, Nation-State, and the Environment
General Catalog Course Title:
Seminar and Research in Sociology
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Fall 2011
Course Thread: 
Humanities & Environment
Holzmeyer, Cheryl
Gold, Thomas

In this course we will explore the relationship between the environment and social inequalities – including inequalities of race, class, gender, region, and nation-state. Why do some have access to healthy and safe environments to live and work, and not others? Who decides, and why? We’ll begin with theories of the social and cultural construction of “the environment,” and move to analyzing environmental issues through the lens of social justice and inequality. We will examine the principles, history and politics surrounding environmental justice both globally and locally, including state, corporate, civil society, and community initiatives for environmental justice. We’ll focus particularly on California case studies, from Berkeley and Silicon Valley to the Central Valley and Richmond. Topics include: the social construction of “natural disasters”; production- and consumption-oriented approaches to environmental issues; greenwashing and the politics of sustainability; labor rights and worker health and safety; toxics, e-waste and product life cycles; industrial and alternative agricultures; the politics of conservation and “wilderness”; climate change and green jobs initiatives; the political economy of decision-making pertaining to natural resources; and efforts to democratize science and technology to achieve environmental justice.

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