Psychogeography: Writing About the City
General Catalog Course Title:
Reading and Composition
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Spring 2016
Fall 2010
Course Thread: 
The Historical & Modern City

Marxist theorist Guy Debord coined the term 'psychogeography' in 1955 to describe his revolutionary movement to liberate the city from the stifling culture of capitalism. In this ‘B’ level Reading and Composition course, we will expand on his term to consider the broader relationship of the human mind to urban geographies. How do literary production and the unique environment of the city bear on one another? We will consider not only formal problems of textual production, but will also explore chance crossings, multi-cultural environments, poverty, dystopia, utopia, sensory overload, and other phenomena associated with the city. Theoretical readings, films, and visual materials will accompany our literary readings.

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