Hello Brazil: Literature, Arts, Society (Special Emphasis This Semester on the Amazon)
General Catalog Course Title:
Portuguese 24, Section 1
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Spring 2016
Fall 2015
Fall 2014
Spring 2014
Fall 2013

This seminar offers a description of Brazil–a vast and varied country–through some of its major literary and artistic expressions. It provides a sense of roots for some of the challenges that Brazil is currently facing as well as a notion of its shifting identities. The title "Hello Brazil" comes from a celebrated film about cultural and economic change. Some knowledge of Spanish (which has various similarities to Portuguese) and of Latin America is welcome but not required. This seminar is a Berkeley Arts Seminar. Admission to the on-campus arts events included in this course will be provided at no cost to students.

Candace Slater teaches courses in Brazilian Literature and Culture and the Amazon. She is interested in contemporary Brazilian writers, folk and popular traditions, and environmental problems as well as in how all three of these areas come together. She is the author of eight books and numerous articles.

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