The Post-Colonial and the Global Power: Power, Politics, and Performance
General Catalog Course Title:
Performance: Writing and Research
Terms Offered:
Fall 2011

Postcolonial writers and artists from Africa, Asia and Latin America have effectively offered us linguistic/visual/sonic practices that are alternative ways of doing and knowing (or undoing and unknowing) the world created by Western political and economic domination. By examining the social, cultural, ideological and political legacies of colonialism and analyzing Eurocentric structures of knowledge and power, the “post” in postcoloniality defines it as a political project to confront the violence of colonialism while also looking ahead to the possibility of a world that is truly free of such violence. In this course, we will understand the postcolonial critique in  conversation with global capitalism today. Our contemporary condition is one that continues to be marked by war, mass migration, eco-environmental crises and forms of racism, social apartheid and economic exploitation. Through literary texts, dramatic texts and film, we will ask: What are the sites of exclusion, oppression and also resistance to global capitalism? How is “race” constructed and enacted in different locations of the global order today and also in relation to ethnicity, nation, class, gender and sexuality? In this regard, how might we challenge binaries and also allow for the emergence of the art and politics of ‘borderlands’ and ‘in-between worlds’? In an age that may be described as neo-colonial, what does it mean to decolonize the world, the text/stage/screen and the mind?

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