Moving Image Media
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Moving Image Media
Terms Offered:
Fall 2015
Fall 2014

This class provides a basic foundation for digital video film production with hands-on instruction in the use of digital cameras and tripods, sound recording for video, basic lighting techniques and digital editing. As we work to understand what makes “strong” images that generate powerful thought and emotion, emphasis will be on the basic elements of video making: composition, light, color, relationships between sound and image, as well as various creative approaches editing such as dramatic continuity and montage. The course also explores the range of techniques and languages of creative videomaking from traditional story genres to more contemporary experimental forms. The course consists of a weekly lecture and screening, discussion and meetings with visiting artists and crafts people. Weekly section is a production workshop in which students receive hands-on equipment instruction and produce a series of short exercises and a final project. This course provides students the technical groundwork for other courses that integrate production elements into assignments and serve as a prerequisite for the more advanced courses which focus on specific techniques and aspects of production.

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