Merging the Two Cultures
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Merging the Two Cultures
Terms Offered:
Fall 2012
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Sciences and Society
Kirsch, Jack

The eminent English scientist, novelist and essayist C.P. Snow gave a lecture in 1959 decrying the fact that there was virtually no communication or mutual understanding between scientists and humanists. His lecture can be found via the related course link at the end of this paragraph. The plan for this seminar is to devote two sessions of class discussion to that lecture and to more recent interpretations by authors who accept and amplify his arguments, and by those who disagree. The remaining weeks will be about equally divided between arts and science with the intention of merging the two for us. The science sessions will consist of selections from the Science on Tuesday section of the NY Times. This section presents a range of important issues in current science at a level that is accessible to the intelligent layperson. The arts component will be built around our attendance at two campus events—most probably a play and a classical music performance. These events are preceded and followed by class sessions dedicated to the particular performances.

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