Medieval Welsh Language and Literature
General Catalog Course Title:
Medieval Welsh Language and Literature
Terms Offered:
Fall 2015

 A selection of medieval Welsh prose and poetry will be read with a view to learning to read the original language as well as to examining key themes in the literature; lectures will provide both grammar instruction and analysis of the works in their cultural and historical contexts. The Mabinogion tales of Branwen and Maxen Wledic will be read as will selections from the early Welsh poetry of Taliesin and Aneirin and from the fourteenth-century poetry of Dafydd ap Gwilym. Selections will also be read from the oldest Arthurian tale in the vernacular, Culhwch & Olwen. English translations will be available for all works read in the original Middle Welsh and in-class translations will form a normal part of each class. Course requirements include a midterm and a final examination. 

No prerequisites. 

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