Introduction to Visual Studies: Word and Image
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Introduction to Visual Studies: Word and Image
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Fall 2010
Course Thread: 
Human-Centered Design
Course Thread: 
Visible Language
Slusky, Joe
Dubovsky, Anthony

Projects in graphic form, color, and word-image relationships.

Principles of Design

Principles of Design is an elective Visual Studies course that focuses on the reverie of three-dimensional construction. This course offers the opportunity to create – build actual objects and sculptures that are fully realized and complete within themselves. This process allows us to tap into the inner journey that reveals previously unseen structures through empirical and improvisational means.

This is a course in the fundamentals of visual design; both its theory and practice. These issues will be systematically explored in a combination of lectures, studio assignments, and weekly projects. Emphasis will be placed on the connection between meaning and form. Dialogues will be explored involving three dimensional forms, two dimensional drawings, and digitally manipulated images. Topics will include issues of design and composition, relationships between color and form, and the role of order, scale, structure and proportion in visual design. A variety of techniques, materials and media will be used to illustrate these topics.

There will be two weekly assignments, one smaller which emphasizes both content and formal composition, and one larger which explores a number of design principles within a broader context. Students should anticipate intensive in-class work and outside assignments.

Projects will be reviewed and graded as they are completed. A digitally designed portfolio comprised of the courses projects will be submitted at the end of the semester.


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