Innovation Lab
General Catalog Course Title:
Introduction to Product Development
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Spring 2016
Fall 2015
Spring 2015

This course provides an introduction to the new product design process and entrepreneurship for realistic design systems. Students' design abilities are developed in design projects chosen to emphasize ingenuity and innovation. The course provides wide coverage of design thinking topics (human-centered design, concept generation and creativity, concept development, prototying and testing, and business model development). Robust design, management of innovation and social, environmental, economic, and political implications are also included. With an emphasis on hands-on creative components, teamwork, and effective communication, students should be able to apply the skills mastered to real world design problems. 

The course is jointly taught between Engineering and the Haas School of Business in order to provide students a multidisciplinary design experience to parallel industrial practice. Many of the projects in the past have had industry sponsors (e.g., BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, NASA Ames, Meyer Sound, Re-Rip sustainable surfing). Each design team will be provided with a personal design coach from industry.

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