Introduction to the Civilization of Southeast Asia
General Catalog Course Title:
Introduction to the Civilization of Southeast Asia
Terms Offered:
Fall 2015
Fall 2010
Fall 2009
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Edwards, Penelope

SEA 10A explores the cultural and political histories of mainland Southeast Asia (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam) through different themes. Past courses have focused on Cultures, Peoples and Polities; from Fall 2015, the rubric is Voices, Traces and Places.   Human rights related aspects of the current offering include the focus on the prison cell as a locus of repression and expression; the power of censorship of the word, body and sexuality, with specific focus on Burma/Myanmar; the use of landmines in conflict and post-conflict Burma, Cambodia and Laos, and anti-Muslim movements in contemporary Myanmar.  The course involves extensive exposure to a range of scholarly and literary genres by Southeast Asian writers and scholars, and traces these voices from the Khmer Empire to the present day.  

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