The Thought of Martin Heidegger
General Catalog Course Title:
Great Theorists in Legal and Political Rhetoric
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Fall 2014
Course Thread: 
Law & Humanities
Weston, Nancy

This course explores significant themes and questions in political and legal theory through close readings of major texts of a single thinker - this term, the work of Martin Heidegger. In the format of a philosophical seminar, we shall explore the nature of law and of polity, and of our contemporary understanding of each, through a sustained encounter with Heidegger's thought. That encounter will bring us to inquire into the nature of thinking and of human being as such, and to come to see how these decisively inform the understandings of law and polity and guide their history. We shall thereby come to reflect as well upon the place of theorists and theorizing in legal and political thought. 

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