Globalization and Minority American Communities
General Catalog Course Title:
Globalization and Minority American Communities
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Spring 2015
Fall 2013
Fall 2012
Fall 2011
Fall 2010

The goal of this course is to describe and explain the circumstances of African Americans, Chicanos and Asians in two distinct historical periods (the 1890s and 1990s) in relationship to patterns of migration and globalization. We examine key aspects of both periods - including economics, politics, demography, class relations, racist ideologies and cultural strategies - and we examine their impact on each of the three groups. Throughout the analysis we will distinguish the experiences of men and women, and consider the impact of gender ideologies on these experiences. The course begins with an introduction to the main themes and issues, and a consideration of key aspects of United States society today. It then provides a concise history of the patterns of settlement of African Americans, Chicanos and Asians. This overview provides students with a basic introduction to the distinctive histories of each of the groups so that they may have a sufficient grasp of the factual information concerning the groups before moving on to more analytical and interpretative issues. We then move to a discussion of the key analytical concepts to be employed in the course. Finally the remaining sections of the course explore the experiences of each of the groups in the two distinctive socio-historical periods. Each group will be discussed in relationship to key concepts; and similarities and differences among them will be explored for both socio-historical periods. In this way students will not have to wait until the end of the course before discussing commonalities, but rather will explore them as the course proceeds. 

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