Indiana Jones and the Elgin Marbles: The Myth and Reality of Archaeology
General Catalog Course Title:
Freshman Seminars
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Spring 2014

What does someone need to be an archaeologist? A pith helmet? A leather jacket? A whip? Hollywood would like us to believe that treasure-hunting heroes are searching for treasure and saving the world in one of the most adventurous and romantic careers possible–archaeology. The reality is something quite different but even more interesting. Archaeology is the study of the human past, a window into the cultures and times from which the world of today developed. With insight into the lives of the ancients we learn a tremendous amount about ourselves and our future potential. Today archaeology is about history, art, science, cultural heritage and international law. To be an archaeologist you need to be inquisitive, imaginative and incredibly enthusiastic–especially about holding a simple object that someone dropped hundreds or thousands of years ago and using your mind like a time machine to meet that individual in the context of his life. This seminar will be an opportunity to analyze the romantic legends, figures and stereotypes of archaeology and to discover the exciting real elements and adventures of today's archaeologist. 

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