Sex, Sexuality, and Society
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Freshman Seminars
Terms Offered:
Spring 2014
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Course Thread: 
Sciences and Society
Laqueur, Thomas

 This course will explore, in historical perspective, why and how the nature of sexual difference, the control of reproduction, and the policing and regulation of sexual desires, practices and pleasures have loomed so large in the organization of society and culture. We will discuss the history of foundational concepts—sex, sexuality, desire—as well as more specific topics: the history of erotic literature and art, east and west; the regulation of specific practices and norms—homosexuality, auto-eroticism, birth control, abortion, age of consent; the origins of modern sexual identities (LGBT); the role of science and medicine in the history of sex, sexuality and society. Many weeks we will have a guest for our second session.

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