Social Justice
General Catalog Course Title:
Freshman & Sophmore Seminars/Current Topics in Social Welfare
Terms Offered:
Fall 2015
Spring 2015
Spring 2014
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Austin, Michael

 This eight week (2 hrs/wk) one-unit seminar is designed to promote an understanding of social justice in order to provide support for future course selection, future service learning through engaged scholarship, and social problem understanding needed for effective advocacy in the future. Speaking metaphorically, this seminar is the “starter dough and yeast” needed to grow a culture of civic engagement in the form of applied liberal arts. The major tools of this learning experience include: a) a new social justice textbook (Sage 2013) edited by the instructor that features humanities and social science perspectives with case studies of social injustice and tools for locating the courage of one’s convictions, b) guest lecturers reflecting an array of social justice issues (domestic violence, food insecurity, immigrant profiling, etc) and community site visits (Social Justice Symposium and Alameda Food Bank), c) written assignments that build upon student experiences and interests, and d) assisted learning in the form of a graduate student teaching assistant. Humanities and social science students will be able to explore the meaning of social justice and the role of advocacy.

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