What is Political Economy? Theories from Ancient to Modern Times
General Catalog Course Title:
Freshman Seminar
Terms Offered:
Fall 2013
Fall 2012
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Crawford, Beverly

This seminar introduces the political economy major and is intended to help us understand why we think the way we do about real-life questions of political economy: questions of justice and injustice, equality and inequality, individual rights and the common good. It deals with problems in the inequality of wealth, immigration, affirmative action, and the morality of torture. In each case we ask what is the right thing to do and how should we treat each other? This course invites you to subject your own views about the relationship between power and wealth to critical examination. This is a Creating Change Theme Seminar.

Beverly Crawford teaches Political Economy at UC Berkeley and is Co-Director of Berkeley's European Union Center of Excellence.




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