Information Technology Goes to War!
General Catalog Course Title:
Freshman Seminar
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Spring 2013
Spring 2011
Course Thread: 
Sciences and Society
Katz, Randy
Hug, Joshua
Necessity drives invention. In this seminar, we will examine the interwined historical development of information technology, broadly defined as computing, communications, and signal processing, in the 20th Century within the context of modern warfare and national defense. Topics include: cryptography/cryptanalysis and the development of the computer; command and control systems and the development of the Internet; the war of attrition and the development of the mathematics of operations research; military communications and the development of the cellular telephone system; precision munitions and the development of the Global Positioning System. While we will endeavor to explain these developments in technical terms at a tutorial level, our main focus is to engage the students in the historical sweep of technical development and innovation as driven by national needs, and whether this represents a continuing framework for the 21st Century. No scientific or technical background is assumed for this course. 
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