Graphic Journalism: Reading Joe Sacco's Palestine
General Catalog Course Title:
Freshman Seminar
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Wong, Hertha

Graphic Journalism: Reading Joe Sacco's Palestine (1 unit, P/NP)
Professor Hertha D. Sweet Wong

“The landmark work of comics journalism,” Joe Sacco’s Palestine is “a political and aesthetic work of extraordinary originality.” In this seminar, we will devote ourselves to a close reading of Palestine, informed by comics scholarship. Maintaining an open and inclusive discussion, we will consider the comics form and its possibilities for reportage and narrative, Sacco’s representation of the Occupied Territories, and Sacco’s self-representation in relation to his encounters with diverse Palestinian perspectives. Students should be prepared for active participation and at least six pages of informal writing.

Required Texts

Scott McCloud. Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. 1993. New York: Paradox Press, 2000.
Joe Sacco. Palestine. Seattle Fantagraphics Books, 2001.

Hertha D. Sweet Wong is Associate Professor and Assistant Chair in the Department of English. She is the author of books and essays on Native American literature, autobiography, and visual culture. Currently, she is completing a book tentatively entitled Look Here! Readings in Contemporary American Interart Autobiography that examines late twentieth-century American subjectivity as it is represented in image and text: story quilts, photo-autobiographies, comic books, artists' books, experimental autobiographies, and word paintings.

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