Feminist Jurisprudence
General Catalog Course Title:
Feminist Jurisprudence
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Spring 2014
Course Thread: 
Law & Humanities
Abrams, Kathryn

This course will explore the ways in which feminist theory has shaped conceptions of the law, as both an influence contributing to sex and gender inequality, and a vehicle for its amelioration. The course will examine a range of feminist legal theories, including equality, difference, dominance, intersectional, post-structural, postcolonial theories. It will ask how these theories have shaped legal interventions in areas including workplace/educational access, sexualized coercion, work/family conflict, cultural defenses, and globalised sweatshop labor. It will also consider how epistemological challenges that emerged from feminist theory in other disciplines shaped challenges to objectivist epistemology in law.


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