Ethics and Justice in International Affairs
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Ethics and Justice in International Affairs
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Fall 2014
Spring 2014
Spring 2013
Spring 2011
Spring 2010
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Gurowitz, Amy


Should nations intervene in other countries to prevent human rights abuses or famine? Is there an international obligation to try perpetrators of massive human rights abuses? On what principles should immigration be based? Should wealthy states aid poorer states, and if so, how much? 
Answers to these moral questions depend to a great degree on who we believe we have an obligation to: Ourselves? Nationals of our country? Residents of our country? Everyone in the world equally? We will examine different traditions of moral thought including skeptics, communitarians, and cosmopolitans, and use these traditions as tools to make reasoned judgements about difficult moral problems in world politics.
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