Reading Globalization
General Catalog Course Title:
English Composition in Connection with the Reading of World Literature
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Fall 2015
Fall 2011

In this course we will explore the relation between globalization and literary and cinematic representation. We will ask what does it mean to interpret a text in the time of globalization when local events and identities are determined by global forces. We will explore 3 key aspects of globalization–consumerism, ethnicity, and totality–through novels, films, travel narratives, and critical essays. These works will represent perspectives from a variety of countries and languages, helping us to consider economic, cultural, and theoretical questions.

Assignments will include: short analytical responses and other writing assignments; occasional responses to other students’ work; 2 short papers engaging texts studied in class and one longer paper. All papers will require a first draft and a revision.

Course Reader

The course reader will include articles of and excerpts from: Ibn Batuta, The Travels of Marco Polo, Immanuel Wallerstein, Karl Marx, Stuart Hall, Naomi Klein, Fredric Jameson, and others. Stephen Gaghan’s Syriana will be screened as well.

Required Books

Sunallah Ibrahim, The Committee

Leïla Sebbar,  Sherazade: Missing, aged 17, dark curly hair, green eyes

Recommended Books

Joseph Williams, Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace (8th Edition)

Sample Course Syllabus:
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