Animal Life
General Catalog Course Title:
English Composition in Connection with the Reading of World Literature
Terms Offered:
Spring 2011

In this course we will explore how aspects of animal and human being are figured in a variety of works. Over the semester, we’ll think about questions of identity and processes of identification, sentience and affective or emotional life, autobiographical and narrative forms, and modalities of the descriptive, the imaginative and the speculative.  Readings and discussions will address how the borders of the human and the animal are represented in different genres of expression, including  narrative fiction, philosophical prose, ecological debate, film, graphic novel, and other visual forms.  

Works on syllabus may include Kafka, Hoffman, Rousseau, Bulgakov, J. M. Coetzee, Donna Haraway, Jacques Derrida, Werner Herzog, Sue Coe. Regular writing assignments will emphasize the development of skills in close reading and analysis.

Two required papers, midterm and final.

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