Energy, Fantasy, and Form
General Catalog Course Title:
Energy, Fantasy, and Form
Terms Offered:
Fall 2016
Fall 2015
Fall 2014
Fall 2013
Fall 2012
Fall 2010

Three hours of lecture and six hours of studio per week. Prerequisites: LD ARCH 101, 102, ENV DES 11A, 11B, (ARCH 100A or 100B) or by consent of instructor. This is an undergraduate studio with a central focus on climate modification for energy conservation. We will research historical precedents in order to develop new garden forms for passive green designs. We will also explore how past cultures integrated metaphysics into their gardens as an adjunct to microclimate and habitat design. The contemporary landscape should be a balanced interweaving of proportion, function, comfort, energy conservation, and enlightenment. Additionally, we will study the choreography of space and investigate how to animate the landscape through the creative interpretation of text and film. Many new and exciting opportunities lie ahead for the creation of garden forms that not only conserve energy, but are also works of art and places of spiritual renewal.

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