Elementary Forms of Racial Domination: International Perspectives
General Catalog Course Title:
Elementary Forms of Racial Domination: International Perspectives
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Spring 2015
Fall 2013
Spring 2011

This course is a comparative sociohistorical inquiry into the logic of racial domination as a denigrated form of ethnicity based on putative physical differences. We first examine core concepts, epistemological obstacles, and the peculiar logic and implications of "race" as a type of social classification. We then consider how various societies have drawn, enforced, or dissolved ethnoracial boundaries, focusing on five "elementary forms of racial domination": categorization, discrimination, segregation, ghettoization, and institutional violence (including policies of extermination). Readings include a wide range of sociological, historical, and anthropological studies of ethnoracial division in Latin America, Asia, Western Europe, the United States, and Africa from antiquity to the present.

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