The Discourse of Qualities
General Catalog Course Title:
The Discourse of Qualities
Terms Offered:
Spring 2010

In this course we are concerned with discourses that address the relationship between the structures, processes, and affects of experience (its “qualities”) and experience’s meanings (its “contents”). In addressing this concern we will explore some of the discourses by which aesthetic qualities are understood, expressed and valued. Aesthetic qualities are frequently understood and valued as they are expressed in works of arts. While we will examine the question of aesthetic quality in works of art, we will ultimately be concerned with the presence of aesthetic qualities in all aspects of our lives. Accordingly we will discuss not only such aesthetic qualities as “beautiful” and “sublime” but also such aesthetic qualities as “neat” and “tidy.” Our consideration of aesthetic qualities will attempt to relate these qualities to other types of qualities: moral, personal and ethical. 

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