Open Innovation Leveraging IBM Watson
General Catalog Course Title:
Directed Group Study
Terms Offered:
Fall 2014
Course Thread: 
Human-Centered Design
Darwin, Soloman
Wroblewski, Donald

The objective of the course is to offer technical and business students access to the Watson Developer Cloud to learn about the technical aspects of cognitive computing, including ingesting, building and training a corpus, and then in the second half of the semester, using that information to build a cognitive app and developing a business model as a precursor to taking their ideas to market. The course is intended to help educate and empower the next generation of innovators with an opportunity to ‘change the world’ with their access to Watson. The students taking this course will be among the first to have hands-on access to the cutting-edge Watson technology, enabling them to develop innovative ideas to solve the most pressing problems of industry and society. And from a skills perspective this course will further enhance the students’ marketability. Gartner Inc., a research firm predicts that 4.4 million IT jobs will be created to support Big Data by 2015.

Course Objectives:
Understand Watson and its underlying technologies
Develop an abstract of a Watson application that solves a real world challenges
Formulate a value proposition and identify the target consumers or audiences
Develop a corpus of data in a domain with types of text content in format supported by Watson
Understand how corpora is ingested and trained for accuracy.
Come up with Question/Answer pairs and do some training and scoring
Build a Mobile application prototype for use with corpus
Develop a business model to take the application to market (to capture the value created)

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