Deviance and Social Control
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Deviance and Social Control
Terms Offered:
Spring 2014

This course presents the development of theory about deviance and social control, using it to develop a framework for understanding elite deviance and its impact on our society. Students will become versed in the theories of deviance –functionalism, differential association, social disorganization, anomie, conflict theory, labeling, control and others – and apply these theories to understanding past and current events in US society and elsewhere. The first part of the course will cover the theory and the deviance of the common people – those without social capital – and their behaviors regarding crime and other forms of deviant morality. The second part turns to understanding how those with social capital define deviance and use it to control society and further their own advantage at the expense of others. The deviance of these elites – individual, organizational, corporate, political and governmental -- will be portrayed through discussions of recent scandals and fraudulent behaviors, to the War on (some) Drugs and its logical extension – the phenomenon of mass

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