A Comparative Survey of Protest Movements Since the 60's
General Catalog Course Title:
A Comparative Survey of Protest Movements Since the 60's
Terms Offered:
Fall 2015
Fall 2014
Fall 2013
Fall 2012
Fall 2011
Spring 2010
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Munoz, Carlos

 An introductory, comparative, and interdisciplinary study of Native American, Mexican American, African American, and Asian American social and political struggles from 1960 to the present. The course traces the development of protest movements created by people of color in response to racial, class, gender, and political inequality in the context of U.S. politics and history. The course critically examines the internal and external factors contributing to the rise and fall of social and political movements and concludes with an analysis of the current conjuncture of race, ethnicity, culture, class, gender, and sexual preference in U.S. politics.

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