The City: Theories and Methods in Urban Studies
General Catalog Course Title:
The City: Theories and Methods in Urban Studies
Terms Offered:
Summer 2016
Spring 2015
Spring 2014
Spring 2013
Spring 2012
Spring 2011
Spring 2010
Course Thread: 
The Historical & Modern City
Cenzatti, Marco
Roy, Ananya

This course is concerned with the study of cities. Focusing on great cities around the world - from Chicago to Los Angeles, from Rio to Shanghai, from Vienna to Cairo it covers of historical and contemporary patterns of urbanization and urbanism. Through these case studies, it introduces the key ideas, debates, and research genres of the interdisciplinary field of urban studies. In other words, this is simultaneously a "great cities" and "great theories" course. Its purpose is to train students in critical analysis of the socio-spatial formations of their lived world.

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