Cities and the Arts
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Cities and the Arts
Terms Offered:
Spring 2012
This course will focus on the artistic practices of the three great commercial centers of the early modern period:  
respectively, Venice, Antwerp and Amsterdam.  In trade metropolises, “art” is one category of exchange, as ideas about
visual form (indigenous and imported) circulate and acquire functions and meanings within the urban culture. We will
begin each of our three case studies by looking at the city as an entity–its planning and development, the ritual and daily
use of public spaces, the divisions between public and private, and the architecture of monuments and dwellings. We will
consider the function of representations of the city, and move on to the functions of representations within broader civic
culture–paintings and sculpture in public places, but also the marketing and consumption of art (prints, paintings) as a
“meaningful” social product which comments upon and reflects the social and economic concerns of each place.   
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