Asian Immigrant Women Workers
General Catalog Course Title:
Asian American Women: Theory and Experience
Terms Offered:
Spring 2016
Fall 2013
Course Thread: 
Cultural Forms in Transit
Course Thread: 
Human Rights
Shin, Young

Low –wage, limited-English speaking immigrant women are mostly employed in small manufacturing workshops as seamstresses and electronics assemblers, or in small service industry worksites and individual homes as restaurant, nail salon, domestic workers and home care aides. The poor working conditions, constant fear of layoffs, as well as an oppressive combination of institutionalized racism, sexism, and anti-immigrant sentiments, deeply affect the working and living conditions of these workers. What are current and historical issues affecting low- wage immigrant women workers? What are various strategies to improve the lives of these workers locally and globally? Are they effective and viable? We will explore these issues by engaging in discussions with workers and community practitioners.

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