Course Threads Symposium, November 30!

Course Threads Symposium

Geballe Room, 220 Stephens Hall

November 30,2011 | 4:00 pm

Please join us for the third Course Threads Symposium on Wednesday, November 30! Presenting at a symposium is the capstone requirement for completion of the Course Threads Program. Come support students who have completed the program, learn about their experiences taking interdisciplinary courses surrounding a thread topic, and hear the faculty founders of two new thread topics discuss their works-in-progress.

Presenters will include:

Mia Jamili, Human-Centered Design Thread
"Products of Empathy"

Cole Hartman, Human-Centered Design Thread
"Musings on Human-Centered Design”

Ian Leighton, Human-Centered Design & the Historical and Modern City Threads
“Design in Transit”

Stephanie "Effie" Ralli, Historical and Modern City Thread
“Discovering Ways to Uncover the City”

Emiliya Rasheva, Humanities & Environment Thread
“Human Perspectives”

Student presentations will be followed by brief presentations by faculty founders of the developing Politics of Violence and Freedom and the Still Pictures threads.

*To sign up to present at the symposium, visit the Symposium Page.


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