Course Threads Symposium

The capstone requirement of Course Threads is a presentation at a Course Threads symposium. The goal of the symposium is to provide a forum for you to share your reflections on and experiences with Course Threads topics. Two symposia are scheduled each year, one in December and one in May.

In no more than 10 minutes, in any format you choose, please discuss your ideas about your Thread topic. Some points you might cover include:

  • What themes or concepts emerge as you reflect on these courses? Were there particular texts, events, or concept that particularly fascinated you?
  • How has your understanding of the Course Thread topic changed through taking courses across different departments?
  • Discuss experiences you had outside of class related to the thread topic. This could be a team effort you were part of, something you made, a performance you saw, a book you read, a travel experience, and so on.

Tips about the presentation:

  • Contact us to make an appointment about your presentation. 
  • Use examples of "ah ha!" moments you had in class. Don't summarize the courses you took.
  • Everyone simply wants to hear what you are thinking about in regard to your topic. You can't go wrong!
  • Practice what you are going to say.

Videos of symposium presentations 

Videos of past symposium presentations (prior to Spring 2014)

Student feedback:

"The symposium was a fantastic experience as I had the chance to watch other students speak passionately about their interests and be exposed to new topics I had never learned about before. The Course Threads program is a unique way to synthesize what you have learned at Cal and make it meaningful."

"I was able to present what I learned to a group of supportive people and follow through on a goal I set for myself."

"The symposium was great. It was really fun linking up the courses I took and reflecting on the material at the end of my time at Berkeley."

The spring 2017 symposium will be held Tuesday, May 2. Thank you!

Sign Up to Present, then email to set up an appointment to meet about your presentation.