About Course Threads

The Course Threads project is an opportunity for Berkeley undergraduates to trace intellectual themes — or “threads” — as they wind their way through multiple departments on campus. The aim is to allow students to enrich their undergraduate experience by exploring a select number of intellectual themes and questions that connect courses across existing departments and disciplines. The “threads” option is far more flexible than an interdisciplinary major or a minor, and is designed to take its place in the undergraduate experience alongside the formal structures currently in existence. The possibility of following a particular Course Thread or path of interest, once marked by the faculty, is an option for undergraduates to choose, not a requirement.

Each Course Thread is identified by faculty and is comprised of a relatively robust number of courses in different departments as well as by an annual symposium involving faculty and students. If you are eager to explore intellectual spaces outside of your major, and to engage with faculty whose work and approach is interdisciplinary, consider following one of the established course threads.

All undergraduates are eligible. Students interested in formally participating in a Course Thread will be asked to sign up online, complete 3 or more courses in a thread (from at least two different departments) over the course of their study at Berkeley, and to participate in a semester-end symposium where they will discuss their experiences and insights. After successful completion of these steps, students will be awarded an official certificate of completion.

Students: To participate in a course thread, create an account and complete your profile information.

This project is made possible by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

For more detailed information about classes, please visit the UC Berkeley Online Schedule of Classes.